How to Get Ice off of a Windshield Fast

How to Get Ice Off Your Windshield


Who likes to get up early just to remove snow from a car windshield? If you’re like most Saugus drivers, your morning routine is busy enough without having to make extra time to do this chore. So, it would make sense if you’re trying to figure out a quicker way of doing it. For instance, does vinegar melt ice? The service department at Pride Hyundai of Lynn wants to help you stay safe on the road, so let’s talk about how to get ice off a windshield fast.



How to Get Ice off of a Windshield Fast & Without Causing Damage

The bad news is that the tried and true method of using a scraper is the fastest way to remove snow from a car windshield. But, what if you can’t find your scraper or don’t have one? Are there other quick ways to do this? Does vinegar melt ice, for example? It can loosen ice, but that’s not the safest method and should only be used when you can’t perform any of the methods below.

Whatever the case, we strongly recommend that every Revere driver own an ice scraper.

How to Get Ice Off a Windshield Fast Without an Ice Scraper:

  • Start the engine and run the defroster with the heat turned as high as it will go. This will take several minutes.
  • Use a tarp to cover your windshield the night before. This will keep ice from forming directly on the windshield, and you can simply remove the cover in the morning.
  • Mix a little bit of commercial deicer to your windshield washer fluid or spray a small amount directly on the windshield. Remember, use a very small amount.
  • Use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Mix 2/3 alcohol with 1/3 water, so as not to damage the paint.
  • Use vinegar and water as a last resort. Does vinegar melt ice? Not really. But it can loosen it up if you use it in the same proportion listed for alcohol above. But, this should be done sparingly.

Pride Hyundai of Lynn of Lynn Is Here to Help

Is your car ready for the winter? Our service center team members are experts at winterizing vehicles and would be happy to help. Just schedule an appointment with us, and, if you found this guide to be helpful, check out our other tips and tricks. We’re just down the road from Everett, so drop by or contact us today.


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